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4 Calculators that Will Speed Up Your Marketing Daily Tasks

Updated: Jan 16

Whatever you are doing daily, you will almost always need to run calculations to better help you gauge your business and performance.

In this blog we highlighted (and even embedded a few) of the 4 calculators we think every marketer or manager should have.

1. Percent Change Calculator

Go ahead, test it out! :)

This is probably the most single used calculation to measure business performance. It is simple, insightful and quick. Because the formula itself requires about 3 steps and is probably the most frequently used for business, we included this calculator as the 1st option for you to save.

As you may have already guessed this is also the same formula and calculator for Return on Investment (ROI). With this calculator, you can now save cumulative operational time.

From now on, any time you need to know what was the percent change, increase or decrease, in any given period in your organization, simply save this page as your bookmark in your browser and never waste more precious seconds again.

2. Finding Percentages and Numbers - Calculators

These calculators below were made out of a simple equation for which this tool can come up very handy when trying to figure out any single number out of two that you already know.

Explaining this could get a bit confusing so play with it and you know what it means.

1) What is the percentage of __ ?

2) (X) number is what percentage of (Y) number

3) (X) number is Y% of?

If the three example were still a nice try to explain but did not make, try them... The calculators are self-explanatory. You will know how to use them whenever you need one. Like the calculator above, you can save the URL as bookmark as well if you'll like to have it handy.

3. Growth Rate Calculator

Very similar to the formula used in the first one (Percent Change Calculator) The Growth rate calculator ads the time-period factor into the equation.

We believe this is the third option to speed your regular performance calculations as this calculator will allow to simply input the 3 numbers you already know and compute the calculation for you.

Embedded here below. Enjoy!

4. The Mighty Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Although maybe not necessarily used daily, this simple CLTV calculator could be the simple best calculation for smart long term investment pertaining to customer acquisition. The lack of usage and understanding of this simple mathematic is one of the reasons why small businesses are sometimes hesitant to invest in marketing.

With this calculator, you will be able to quickly prove the case of any marketing investment to small businesses -or your boss- if you ever get a rebuttal on investment cost.

We also embedded the CLTV calculator here for your use.

And those are the 4!!!

These 4 calculators should greatly help you speed your marketing tasks when it comes to calculations, reporting, analysis and others. We do hope they serve you well.

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This calculator is intended solely for general reference and educational purposes. You should not take any action on the basis of the information provided through this calculator.

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